Jolt Street ShootJOLT COLA is made from premium quality ingredients and contains: NATURAL CAFFEINE, NATURAL FLAVOUR, NO PRESERVATIVES and surprisingly less calories than other cola brands. With twice the caffeine its a refreshing alternative to coffee and delivers a great taste and a thirst-quenching boost.

JOLT COLA is a true lifestyle beverage for a diverse range of consumers, from students up at night hitting the books, truckers, entertainers, computer programmers, tired mothers, high powered business people and just about anybody who burns the midnight oil.

Over the years other cola companies have tried to convince us that less is better, yeah right, next they’ll be taking bubbles out of it, soft drinks were never meant to be a health food, they are refreshing, great tasting and naughty, Jolt has a PUNCH that other colas just can’t match. Maximum impact of maximum caffeine.

Vault with joltIf you want a healthy substance drink orange juice, soft drinks were never created for people who wanted to lose weight, Jolt is an upscale drink loaded with premium ingredients. It cost a little extra, but hey you get what you pay for. It even stays fizzier longer thanks to a few more bubbles, and has no bizarre caffeine substitutes – There is nothing like the real thing!

We know that Jolt is not going to rule the world, but we’re going to give it one hell of a shake. GET IT ON THE ACTION, GET JOLT.